Work Remotely Forever Pledge

A year of remote work has shown that people don’t have to be onsite to be productive. Businesses that have signed the Work Remotely Forever Pledge agree never to force their employees to report into an office. Instead, they’ll enable their teams to thrive from anywhere by investing the time, money and attention needed.

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What is the Work Remotely Forever Pledge?

The Work Remotely Forever Pledge is a commitment by business leaders who promise not to force their employees to work from an office.

Businesses that sign the Work Remotely Forever Pledge pledge agree to set their employees up to be as productive, efficient and comfortable as possible while working where they choose.

These businesses also understand that remote work options will help them attract, engage and retain top talent while dramatically expanding the pool of qualified candidates available to them.


"The future of work is distributed because the future of the world is distributed, Smart employers will get ahead of the trend or lose the talent wars."

Matt Mullenweg

CEO of Automattic and

“We’re launching the Work Remotely Forever Pledge to encourage more companies to join us and to make it easy for people to find jobs at distributed companies.”

Greg Galant

CEO and Co-Founder of Muck Rack